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What is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae? 

This hair disorder most often occurs in the beard and neck areas of men of color with tightly curled hair who shave. It can also occur in women who shave, especially in the groin area, and anywhere hair is shaved or plucked. Each ingrown hair results in a tiny, mildly painful pimple with a barely visible hair curling into the center. Scarring can result.

Treatment involves initial discontinuation of shaving, and the application of warm compresses several times a day to soothe the area. Ingrown hairs may be released with a sterile needle or toothpick.


If inflammation is present but mild, doctors sometimes give low-potency corticosteroid or antibiotic creams that are applied directly to the inflamed area.


If inflammation is moderate to severe, doctors may give antibiotics taken by mouth. Creams,  gels,  or liquids, can be helpful for people with mild or moderate cases but may irritate the skin.

Proper shaving technique should be followed once shaving is resumed.




The best preventive treatment is to prevent the hairs from growing long enough that they do not curl back and puncture the skin.

People who must shave should wet the beard first and should shave in the same direction in which the hair grows. People should avoid shaving closely with multiple razor strokes.

Applying eflornithine cream may help by slowing hair growth so that shaving can be done less frequently.

Source:  By  Wendy S. Levinbook , MD, Hartford Dermatology Associates  Content last modified Oct 2019

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